Have We Got MAs for You!

Have We Got MAs for You!


Survived the dissertation? Thinking about the possibility of further study? Check out the MA options offered by the School of English and Journalism:

MA 21st Century Literature: This course allows you to examine fiction, drama and poetry from the UK and Ireland published since 2000. Engaging with current literary creativity and theoretical frameworks, you will consider the relationships of texts to their contexts and the complexity of the relationship between literature and cultural change.

MA English Studies: In this course, you will examine the diversity and variety of our subject, ranging from the medieval period to the contemporary moment. Flexibility exists for students to develop their own areas of interest in a particular period, genre or theme, while simultaneously applying current critical perspectives to their interests.

MA Creative Writing: Our MA in Creative Writing provides you with the opportunity to work closely with practising creative writers at the University and several other writers from outside the University. You will balance creative practice with critical analysis, and have the opportunity to work in all literary genres of writing, including the chance to publish your work.

MA Nineteenth Century Studies: This course is interdisciplinary, where you can extend your studies of texts to address also paintings, photographs, buildings, objects and institutions. All these materials are interpreted with reference to the nineteenth-century cultural context, an era of unprecedented social and intellectual development which has vital legacies today.

Come and chat to Programme Leaders and students about the various MA options on Thursday 3 May 2018, at 2pm, in MB2206. We look forward to seeing you!

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